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THE SUN 3rd June 1972


SOME TV series adapt well for the big screen.
We've had Steptoe, Please Sir! and even the Magic Roundabout.
But some don't come off and Doomwatch (Riatto, Coventry Street. A) is one of them, I'm afraid.
All the familiar faces are there–John Paul as Doctor Quist, Simon Oates as Ridge. There's even a guest appearance by the late George Sanders.


The story is good strong Doomwatch stuff.
Ian Bannen plays the department's roving scientist, arriving on an island off Cornwall, where the people have been affected by the dumping of chemicals.
It looks as if there might be some ??? when scientists Bannen is besieged in the village pub by islanders who are not only deformed but also murderously inclined.
I would like to say that it turns out as exciting on the big screen as the small. But it doesn't, not by a long way.
I prefer Doomwatch on the box where it returns on Monday.

Original article by CHRIS KENWORTHY

With thanks to Andrew Wilson and Scott Burditt (who feels increasingly like a forensic scientist)