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Secret British Government files relating to the prevention of creating a real-life DOOMWATCH in 1971 have been submitted to the controversial and potentially terrorist Doomleaks site, which in comparison makes Wikileaks look about as threatening to world stability as The Daily Star. Unfortunately, the whole site has been taken down by a Mr William Gates who apparantly owns the Internet.

In the secret documents we have copied off their site (totalling over 40,000 pages) specifically relating to the BBCtv DOOMWATCH series effectively forcing the Government to look at creating such an organisation, death warrants were issued for the shows creators in 1971 and they fled to Iceland, to live the clean and simple life in an igloo until they would say "Sorry" for making the general public care about corruption, greed, the environment and the health and well-being of people around them. Of course, they did come back eventually, after pressure to dissociate themselves from the show or be hanged.

Meanwhile, the BBC was instructed to run DOOMWATCH into the ground and it's name was ridiculed in the media in a cover-up operation to limit the damage. The Government's plan had worked. No Minister wanted such a damn prophetic, relevant and intelligent series masquerading as entertainment and they threatened to clip the BBC's wings if they didn't dispose of the show ASAP. Andrew Osborne was told to destroy the unshown Sex and Violence episode but a BBC employee decided to steal it to jerk off over the fake Porno film it contained and kept it in his "special cupboard" which is where it remains to this very day.

The most shocking recent news article we read on Doomleaks before the site was taken down, related to PM David Cameron, who likes to have an extravagant 3 SPOONS of Sugar in his tea! What an absolute cheek, not to mention a waste of tax-payers money. He should cut down on his calorie intake as an example to others.

Thanks to Charles Finkleretchswimmer II for the news.

Update: 10pm Saturday 4th December-  
The newsteam are working around the clock to bring you more information and these documents will be uploaded soon. As we speak the News of our ownership of this information has led to be the victim of a massive DOS attack. But never fear dear readers, we have copied the entire contents of the site into an A4 Jotter in blue pen, so we can easily restore it to it's former glory should the Government decide to take us down. If you would like to submit any further news relating to these developments you could have sent them to our ultra secure hidden drop box but unfortunately, even we can't find it!