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Information about Kit Pedler

Doctor Christopher Magnus Howard Pedler (1927-1981)

Kit Pedler was educated at Ipswich School. He attended Kings College, London and Westminster Medical School, winning prizes in surgery, medicine, public health and pathology, and entrance scholarships in anatomy and physiology. qualified as doctor (MBBS, London) in 1953. Later awarded MC Pathology, and a Ph.D. for research into retrolental fibroplasia. He published 38 research papers, and patents on computer models of nerve cells. Senior lecturer in pathology and Head of Department at the University of London until 1971. Fellow of the Royal Microscopial Society from May 1960. Councillor from January 1961, serving on the Library Committee (1961-63), the Journal Cover Revision Committee (1961), as Convenor of the Biological Committee (1961-64), Convenor of the Education Committee (1962-64) and Honorary Secretary (1964-68) before resigning in January 1973. Visiting Professor of computer science at the University of Manitoba, Canada, from 1968.

TV Work

Doctor Who

The War Machines (Concept)
The Tenth Planet (With Gerry Davis)
The Moonbase (Author)
The Tomb of the Cybermen (With Gerry Davis)
The Wheel in Space (Idea scripted by David Whitaker)
The Invasion (Idea, scripted by Derrick Sherwin)


The Plastic Eaters (With Gerry Davis)
Check and Mate (Storyline, scripted by Hugh Forbes, and then as Project Sahara by Gerry Davis rewriting the version by NJ Crisp)
The Pacifiers (Unused storyline by Jan Read)
The Battery People (Storyline, scripted by Elwyn Jones)
The Red Sky (With Gerry Davis)
The Logicians (Storyline, scripted by Dennis Spooner)
RattusSapiens? (Storyline, scripted by Terence Dudley)
Friday's Child (Storyline, scripted by Harry Green)
Survival Code (With Gerry Davis)
Train and DeTrain (Storyline, scripted by Don Shaw)
Spectre at the Feast (Storyline, scripted by Terence Dudley)
A Condition of the Mind (Unused storyline, scripted by John Wiles)
Darwin's Killers (Unused storyline, scripted by Dennis Spooner)

Film Work

Doomwatch (With Gerry Davis, screenplay by Clive Exton)
The Dynostar Menace (Unused screenplay from novel)
A Wild Talent (Documentary screenplay on dowsing)


Mutant 59: The Plastic Eater (Souvenir Press)
Brainrack (Souvenir Press)
The Dynostar Menace (Souvenir Press)
Casualty (Unpublished novel)
A Mirror for Your Vanity (Unpublished novel)

Radio Plays

Trial by Logic
Sunday Lunch

Short Stories

Image in Capsule (printed in The Sixth Ghost Book)

 The Long Term Residents (printed in The Seventh Ghost Book)

 Terence and the Unholy Priest / Father? (printed in The Eight Ghost Book)

 White Caucasian Male (printed in The Ninth Ghost Book)

Old Lady Passing
The Racing Driver and the House
Dr Franken and the Biomin


The Quest for Gaia
Mind Over Matter
Earth Organism

Books featuring Kit Pedler's work

The Disappearing Future, ed. George Hay, Panther 1970 

The book The Disappearing Future has Kit Pedler's article Dues Ex Machina? as the third chapter.  Apparently, it was originally printed in The Listener.  This has been digitally archived recently but only available so far to libraries and academics.   At the back of the book it mentions Doomwatch, co-created by Jerry Davis... and that Kit has a particular interest in the uses and abuses of computers.  In his article he uses the phrase the battery people...  

TV Documentaries

Open University: The Retina (Wrote and presented course)
Choices for Tomorrow: Tools for Living (Presenter, documentary on self-sufficiency, BBC1 12/5/1975
Man Alive: The Waste Remains and Kills (Discussion on nuclear waste, BBC2 15/5/1975
Energy (BBC)
Artificial Intelligence (ITV)
Alternative Technology (ITV)
Computers and Cybernetics (BBC)
Mind Over Matter (ITV, series on the Paranormal)

Radio Documentaries

Myths Ancient and Modern
The Mind
Green and Pleasant Land
Quantum Wonderland
Genetic Codes

Kit also appeared on Today, Nationwide, How?, Teabreak and Late Night Line-Up

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