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At last! My subscriber copy of SFX for February 2011 landed on my doorstep this morning. It's been torture looking at the issue in ASDA, all wrapped up in plastic (as it has a FREE exclusive to ASDA Avatar survival guide book) and waiting patiently for my copy to arrive. It's been out since the 15th and laughing at me on the shelf. So, finally I caved in and bought a copy yesterday (from Sainsburys). Well, you know what I am going to say next don't you? Now that Jack Frost has finished reading it, my subscriber copy turned up this morning! Doh!

Well, anyway, I can finally see the "YOUR ZINES" section that features the DOOMWATCH Fanzine (on page 29). It's very weird seeing your work displayed in a proper magazine I must say. It's a great little review and for some reason I now want the Royal Mail to bring out DOOMWATCH themed stamps... Thank you SFX!

Scott Burditt