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2|entertain confirm: Doomwatch DVD "under consideration"

In an email from one of our contributors this week, 2|entertain confirmed that the original 1970s BBC-produced Doomwatch series is amongst the "titles currently under consideration for a UK release" as part of their ongoing DVD range. As yet, however, there is nothing further to add: "I cannot confirm," wrote the member of their enquiry team, "if it will definitely be published", which would indicate that no firm decision or restoration work has been undertaken at the time of writing, so the set remains at the provisional stage only.

We do not know if this news represents a recent development, or whether the project has simply remained pencilled into 2|entertain's books since the mooted release of around 2006 (about the time of their comprehensive Adam Adamant Lives! set containing that series' remaining episodes, whose comparatively lower-than-hoped-for sales reportedly scuppered the arrival of Quist, Ridge and Wren onto Digital Versatile Disc). Nevertheless, it is heartening to note that the programme has not been forgotten by the company, and we naturally remain hopeful for some long-awaited positive movement on this front. As ever, we will give you any news as soon as we hear it.

Should you wish to add your voice to those asking to see Doomwatch on DVD, please email: and let them know - as they say, "We are constantly updating our catalogue of titles and really appreciate all of the feedback we receive from the viewing public" so fire off those emails and help show 2|Entertain that there's a definite market out there for this prospective release! 

You can also join our Facebook group here to show your support.

2|Entertain consider the majority of BBC programmes and often offer an investment to secure DVD rights. Those they do not acquire DVD rights in, revert back to the BBC Archive who can then license to third parties. 2|Entertain consider DOOMWATCH a very old title and the “waters are even more mudded” but they are actively looking into rights and clearance status and are currently discussing possible sub-license to other DVD distributors but they can’t make any promises yet. 

It really does help to enquire to 2|Entertain as any correspondence is kept on file and each quarter they review any public enquiries and often revisit titles which are frequently requested.

With thanks to Tony Darbyshire and Scott Burditt
Update (1/2/2010) from
2|entertain: -

"There are no immediate plans to release DOOMWATCH on DVD.
We are assessing the possibility of licensing to another distributor currently but cannot confirm a release date or if it will definitely be published. Please check Amazon or the BBC Shop throughout the year for further updates."

Update (2/2/2010) from a contributor: -

"I got a response from 2 Entertain today and they told me that they didn't have the rights to Doomwatch. I wonder what is going on..."