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Eric Erpelding is in search of Doomwatch writer Martin Worth, writer of the Doomwatch story "Say Knife, Fat Man" (so are we! Ed.).

Eric would like to ask him how the idea for the script came to him, and if he recalls the name of the professor at Imperial College who he visited.
From reading the "Fact File" at the end of the "Say Knife, Fat Man" synopsis, and the Martin Worth interview, we know that in 1971 Mr Worth visited Imperial College where he interviewed a professor of nuclear physics who provided information that led to a re-write of the script. Eric is also in correspondence with an academic researcher at Harvard University who would also be interested in uncovering more information on this story.

Eric explains...

"My interest is in finding the first mention of "students building/designing an atomic bomb" which several students did in real life, but in the late '70's. Doomwatch beat them by a few years. This info might possibly make a footnote in an academic paper or book someone might publish. I want to compliment you on your Doomwatch website. It contains a wealth of material not found anywhere else. In particular, your web site allowed me to finally read a synopsis of Martin Worth's script, "Say Knife, Fat Man." After reading it, and noting that the episode was aired in 1972, I realized that Martin Worth may have some priority in making public the possibility that college students can construct an atomic bomb if they wanted to. The idea of that possibility was the subject of the NOVA presentation, "The Plutonium Connection" March 9, 1975 (Season 2, Episode14) which enacted a college student visiting the library to obtain the required information. That presentation was inspired by John McPhee's 1974 book, "The Curve of Binding Energy." (1975-03-09)

If anyone knows any contact information for Martin Worth please get in touch with us