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Villagers of Palomares are still suffering

The real-life mid air accident over Palomares in Spain that is mentioned in the final Doomwatch story from Season 1 -  Survival Code, has recently featured on the website of The Independent on Sunday. 45 years on the villagers are suffering with the effects of the aptly named Americium, which is caused by the decayed Plutonium from a mid air crash in 1966 when a US Air Force B-52G bomber crashed into it's own refuelling aircraft, a KC-135. Palomares is apparently still the most radioactive village in Europe. It's claimed that an official investigation has never been produced although the Americans seem to have compensated the locals at some point and still provide funds for Radiation checkups but has still not offered to clear up the affected soil. 

The loss of a Nuclear bomb at sea also inspired the central plot in Survival Code. After the accident the Americans couldn't find one of the four nuclear B28RI bombs dropped into the sea until eighty days of searching the seabed when it was eventually discovered at 2,850 feet. It was lifted aboard the USS Petrel shown in the picture above you can see the bomb is missing it's tail fins and is badly dented. 

What's more worrying is the tomatoes that are grown around the Almeria region are sold under false labels...

With thanks to Michael Seely and Scott Burditt