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A spot of real DOOMWATCH today, with thanks to Matthew Spencer who has also contributed stories to our fan fiction series.

"If a house divided cannot stand, how could a governing body comprised of two completely different principles possibly last, particularly when one wields the majority of the power in the relationship? This is a question I have been considering since the Conservative/Liberal democrat constitutional government was formed, May 12th 2010. It's not that a ruling body made up of clashing ideologies cannot function - the country was run by constitutional government from 1931-40, and from 2005-9 Germany was governed by the Grand Coalition: the Merkel cabinet Federal Republic comprised of the SPD (centre-right conservatives) and the CDU (centre-right liberal-conservatives)/SDU (central-left socialists). However, each of these parties represented the centralist position, compared to the poles-apart models of the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives. The balance of power seems stable, with a fair distribution of Liberals in key positions within the government despite their overall minority of voter support during the May 6th election, yet their failings lie predominantly in the Liberal Democrats inability to agree on policies and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg's inability to take a firmer stance against the steadfast decisions of Cameron and the Conservative majority.

Destruction of art councils when they receive comparatively less funding than other less integral ventures.

Banker bonuses and the big business scapegoats.

Rising retirement age with no provisional pension plans or even a way of bailing out the already struggling pension scheme, which has been in disarray since Robert Maxwell defrauded the system 2 decades ago. Allowing or forcing the retired back into work or continuing work robs jobs from younger generations trying to make a start in life ñ employers more likely to hire an experienced pensioner than an inexperienced student trying to gain said experience.

Media reform and anti-BBC sentimentality - ties and friendships to News Crop.

Rise in tuition fees reduce the advanced educated while providing no alt means of carving a life; no apprentices; no manufacturing as was distributed globally so as to make UK the economic centre of the industry; fewer jobs; lower government hand outs; fewer alternatives for those unemployed and benefits to be reassessed to pinch harder

* Large public sway against the liberal democrats for going against the policies they ran for government on with barely a fight, especially amongst the younger demographics who have been most badly affected by this change in policy and yet are ineligible to vote in any form due to age constraints.

* Damage done could set the LD party back years, as clearly they have no clear or agreed agenda or policy formation and are quick to chose power over personal beliefs. Once again we shall be split between Tory and Labour come the 2015 general elections.

Using savings made from cuts to fund Irish bail out despite no obligations to aid a euro-economic country that chose not to aid us during our 2008 crisis.

Recent trend of using younger, inexperienced members of the party as figure heads: Nick Clegg 43; David Cameron 44; Ed Miliband 41. More about voter appeal, particularly amongst the youth of the country, as a direct consequence of the 1996 decision of the Labour party to run Tony Blair (43 C1997 - the youngest person to ever be elected Prime Minister) rather than Gordon Brown (45 C'97) based on charisma and pulling power (Cool Britannia candidacy play of the 1996-7 election run up). Granted both opposing party candidates were over ten years younger than either Labour candidate, this was about attracting the youth ballot rather than a firm stance on policies winning the votes.

Disconnection from the every-day man of Britain; Party member backgrounds no longer match or correlate to the peoples they consider themselves to represent. John Prescott was the last of the Labour governments upper hierarchy who came from a working class, slat of the earth background. Nowadays, all higher ranking party members come from upper class, moneyed, influential backgrounds, educated at Private schools and Red Brick universities, never working as the common people do. While this is excusable from the Conservative standpoint, as they represent the interests of businesses (particularly big businesses) and the upper classes, the labour and liberal democrats are meant to be representatives of the working and middle classes respectfully. This disconnection from the populace makes it impossible to see how the lives they effectively control are affected by the policies they make (the 'one the busses' remark of Conservative Secretary of State for Work and Pensions George Iain Duncan Smith [22nd Oct 2010])

In fact there hasn't been an agreement between two diametrically opposing political entities since the Soviet/Nazi pact of 1938? ConDem by its nature is doomed as a political entity. What's worse is until the beasts inevitable death you get a referendum, which is a awkward moulding of two incompatible parties which ends up destroying the weaker party namely the Liberal Democrats. It was their hubris that got them to agree to a coalition government, they were shrewd enough to realise that New Labour was a dying horse full of corruption. However Nick Clegg once revered has become a muted puppet. Council elections in some districts put them behind minor parties like the BNP and Green parties. The coalition is a schizophrenic mess reflecting both left wing and right wing beliefs. A clear aim set out by the Chancellor David Osborne was to cut wasteful spending of unnecessary quangos. However this act has yet top come fully into play because both governments disagree on which departments are wasteful and which are needed. In all this mess the police are getting cut backs whilst the Liberals insane Human Rights Act including protection of criminals is being kept. Sending out a very disturbing message to society. The Prime Minister is powerless to act because of the limiting powers of the new ConDem

And despite all of the severe economical difficulties faced in the UK. Mass unemployment of both public and private sectors and ridiculous cuts to the military and defence budgets, the one area that has become a painful joke (oh if only it was funny) is the banking institutes. As Rome burns they fiddle expenses. They are oblivious to the mass suffering of all those loyal to their banks. They have dramatically cut interest rates if you save whilst simultaneously putting them up if you owe money. More and more houses get repossessed whilst their greedy, bourgeois existence goes on unregulated, undisciplined and unpunished. How can a weakened government have a chance of fighting this blatant moral corruption?"

Article by Matthew Spencer