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Toby Wren was always going to die

Toby Wren was always going to die: even before I signed to do the first series I told them I’d only do one.
There’s an obvious danger in being associated with one part-and also I thought I’d end up being bored by the part.
I’m not a particularly altruistic person but I’m young and unattached and therefore free to choose the work I want: if I’d carried on with Doomwatch it would have been pure greed for money.
The reaction to Toby’s death surprised me. I didn’t realise people took it that seriously: there really were tear-stained letters.
During the series and afterwards I must have got several thousand letters-but only three or four were from men.
And I don’t know how many proposals of marriage and strange invitations to parties I got. I suppose Toby - an enigmatic person with no girl friends - attracted the more romantic female viewer.
Since Doomwatch I’ve done two classic serials - Sentimental Education, which has already been shown, and Jude the Obscure, which comes on early next year. In fact I’ve spent 11 of the last 13 months working for the BBC.
Doomwatch is back in a new series on BBC1 beginning on Monday, 14 December.

A classic article from the Radio Times 21-27 November 1970. With thanks to John Archbold

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