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Well, it has been a long wait but finally the Channel 5 Tv Movie has been released! A detailed story review can be found on the TV MOVIE page.

Right. First impressions of the packaging/presentation...

What an odd release. A 15 Certificate, NTSC and Region 0 apparantly!

Neil Tannahill the box says. Hmmm Tannahil, with one l the movie says, and the Radio Times from 1999 agrees... TANNAHIL

It doesn't look like any publicity photos were available for use on the cover as they look like screengrabs. Acceptable for a budget price release such as this i suppose but a better one of Trevor Eve should have been chosen. Worse still, is a very dead Quist on the back cover, although the barbed wire looks good.
It is a great shame the typeface actually used in the film was not replicated for the outer cover although to be fair it is quite hard to read.

OK, I will...

Oops! The DVD Version of the titles
Putting the disc in it is annoying to see that this new adopted typeface has not been used on the Dvd menu either (it has for the print on the disc though) and yet another style is used with another interpretation of the black hole. The only option on the disk is play, so this makes it a plain vanilla release. The biggest crime comes when the titles play... Kit Pedlar and Gerry Davies. Yep, both names spelt incorrectly! However, the transmitted version has Kit Pedler's name correct.

Transmitted version of titles
Transmitted version of titles mistakes (same as on DVD for these)

Ian McDonald is listed as Ian MacDonald (and the Radio Times makes the same mistake) and John Howlett is listed as Howett in the Radio Times and correctly as Howlett on screen.

This suggests that this version of the film is earlier than the one transmitted which is something I have spotted before on viewing a pre-broadcast version. Does this mean the transmitted version is lost or is this simply a mistake?

The picture quality is good if a little dull looking (the packaging states that it is NTSC) and having had the off air VHS the sound quality is much improved!
Niggles aside, it is great to have an official release of the film. It is worth getting just for Debbie Wiseman's excellent score alone!

A proper Villain!
A load of balls?

An aged Dr Quist...

Computing Power!
An Ant's testicle

With thanks to Scott Burditt from the Department of Doomwatch DVD Measurement and Observation of Unscientific Review team.

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