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Barely had the dust settled after the Byfield Regis pier blew up than a new one erupted in the confines of the Doomwatch production office. The dispute between producer Terence Dudley and his script editor Gerry Davis and creator Kit Pedler had reached such a point that the head of department Andrew Osborne needed someone to help the producer get six workable scripts ready for the next series which was due to start recording in the summer. That man was Martin Worth, who got on very well with both Dudley and Davis. He had just been commissioned to write an episode of Out of the Unknown, having delivered on the 1st of May the Doomwatch episode Invasion.
Worth was paid the princely sum of £85 per week to work on the series from the 7th of May to the 1st of July. According to the fantastic Out of the Unknown book published in 2004 by Mark Ward (available here), Terence Dudley was under personal pressure since his wife was due to have an operation.
Martin Worth told Time Screen: 'I was soon to become the last script editor. I wasn't credited because I didn't want to be. I said, 'I don't want an office and I don't want my name on the screen,' because I was busy as a writer elsewhere and I didn't want to lose that business. It was only going to be a six month engagement.'
The first six episodes recorded were The Iron Doctor and The Logicians, The Human Time Bomb, No Room For Error, The Web of Fear and You Killed Toby Wren. Worth is only credited as editor on the third story and Davis (when not involved in the writing) is credited on the others except Terence Dudley's penned episode. However, Gerry Davis's name can still be seen on commissioning dockets for later stories like The Islanders in August suggesting a brief rapprochement. Indeed, his is the name on a document in September, telling Davis that terms had been agreed with Terence Dudley over his script He Killed Toby Wren.
Pedler himself would also still give interviews promoting the second series when it started towards the end of the year.

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