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If anyone has access to a library or university that has back issues of The Listener or has access to the recently scanned issues of the magazine that is only available to said institutions, please get in touch with us here 

On Thursday 10th July 1969 there is an example of an advert in The Times Newspaper for an issue where Kit Pedler writes about the social responsibilities of a scientist, probably taken or adapted from his broadcast on Radio 4, Of Ombudsmen and Cybermats (Thursday 5 June 1969). Kit appears to have written a few articles for The Listener over the years and it would be fascinating to read them.  Apparantly, Bournemouth University certainly has hard copies of this and the BBC's in-house magazine Ariel too for those of you on a mission! Also, those with a keen eye will spot Dr. Alex Comfort "The Joy of Sex" on the advert...
Below, is a copy of The Listener  - Volume 82 No.2102 featuring the above article.

With thanks to Michael Seely

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