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In 1962 Terence Dudley was director of a six part science fiction serial called The Big Pull.

DWB issue 117 (1993)

'The Big Pull (from 9 June 1962) contained shades of The Quatermass Experiment, with American astronaut Mike Sklorski (Frank Fenter) returning to Earth, only to drop dead the moment the capsule is opened.  The first man to enter the capsule is its designer, Dr Weatherfield (Felix Deebark) who then appears to absorb Sklorski's memory before disappearing.  The potential menace becomes apparent when there are a series of similar 'fusions' - of two men attacked, one dies, and the other vanishes...  It's downbeat conclusion remains clearly remembered some thirty years later...   None of the six episodes survive.'  - Nick Cooper

With thanks to Michael Seely

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