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David Banks, who played the Cyberleader in 80's Doctor Who is interviewed about his then new book "Cybermen"back in an old issue of DWM (143)...

During his research for the book, David became fascinated by the teachings of Kit Pedler, who, together with Gerry Davis, created the Cybermen. He's planning a new book about the life of this great man. “He was at the forefront of Green, or Ecology ideas. The Cybermen were designed to show that side of humanity
which, although it's logical, although it seems to be supremely intelligent, it's totally divorced from nature, it's actually heading for its own destruction. That's a very powerful thing to explore. “He's such an important, influential figure. After l'd written the Cybermen book, I was appearing in this play, and a note was sent to me, saying: ‘Glad to hear you're writing a book about the Cybermen, my father-in-law created them’. It was from Michael Topolski, the husband of Carol Pedler. Kit had died in 1981, and Carol allowed me the privilege of going around to see his final series Mind Over Matter on video.
“l'm reading his book at the moment, The Quest For Gaia. It's a very optimistic book, because what it's saying is: ‘We're individuals, we're human, and that's part of our problem, but we have consciousness, and we can get ourselves out of this fix if we want to. If we don't, we're going to be destroyed, not the planet. The planet will take care of itself"'. Very human ideas from the ‘Cyberleader’. With Cybennen appearing in Michael Clark's new ballet, I Am Curious, Orange, and in the first BBC-approved radio advert involving the Doctor, (for a type of batteries), this seems to be the age of the Cyberman. Hopefully, David's book has caught the flavour of the moment.
“lt's taken a long time for it to come about, and this seems to be the best time for it. lt's meant to be a special book."

Original interview by Paul Cornell from DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE DECEMBER 1988
With thanks to Michael Seely

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