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We have just learnt that the Season 2 episode “The Web of Fear” was shot partly at Swanage in Dorset. An eagle-eyed viewer writes to the Radio Times letter pages...
If you know of any Doomwatch filming locations please let us know. Thank you.


What remarkable people television producers are! A few weeks ago a Doomwatch (BBC1) programme was based on the Tristan da Cunha incident, but set in the Pacific; yet several shots were clearly recognisable as the Scilly Isles. On 9 February, however, another programme in the same series purported to deal with a
yellow fever-type outbreak in the Scillies, but it was filmed in a place which had no resemblance whatever to those islands.
H. V. Rogers
London, SE1

TERENCE DUDLEY, Producer,‘Doomwatch,’ replies:
And what a remarkable viewer Mr Rogers is! Eyes peeled and an impressive knowledge of geography! I should not wonder if he spots that we have also shot a bit of Scotland near Swanage.

In case any of the devotees of Doomwatch are overcome by the realism of the item in the 4 February RADIO TIMES, and of the
story itself, I would like to assure everyone on behalf of the ‘Chief Medical Officer’ that the residentsof the Isles of Scilly are enjoying the ruddiest of health, and that the only yellow fever affecting them is the golden harvest of flowers.
R. Phillips

Clerk of the Council,
Isles of Scilly

With thanks to John Archbold