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Below, is a list of books/publications that have various links to DOOMWATCH. If anyone has a copy of these publications and would be able to send the information to us, please post in our Forum. Thank you!

Plays and players , Issue 18 

On page 64 appears to be a damning review - or at least a few lines from, a review of The Web of Fear episode. 

Raymond Williams on television 

This one is about The Red Sky.  The book is a bit pricey on Amazon but might be available elsewhere, and type in Quist in the search bit and you see a bit more of the review, and there are a few other Doomwatch references in the book. 

The Magazine of fantasy and science fiction, Volume 49, Issues 1-3 

This one reveals a hithertoo unheard of short story by Pedler called Long Term Residents.  Also, there are more short stories listed at

The terrorists: their weapons, leaders and tactics 

Here's a book that quotes from the Daily Express article mentioned in the piece on Kit Pedler and his stance on nuclear power.

The New review, Volume 2, Issues 13-24 

This seems to be about a tv documentary Kit Pedler hosted.

More info on the Earthlife project.

This talks about Pedler's involvement in the anti-vivisection movement via the RSPCA who dragged their heels upon the subject. 

With thanks to Michael Seely

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