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Television by Martin Jackson

The BBC is joining the debate on pollution hazards – with a fictional TV thriller series.

The series, 'Doomwatch', will move into the 'Take Three Girls' spot on Monday nights next month and promises to be fairly controversial.

Not only does it seem to be based on Mr. Harold Wilson's latest crusade for the environment, it is also about a Government, catching votes by promising a special 'watch-dog' unit to combat the hazards from new scientific discoveries.


The series has been devised by the 'Dr. Who' writers Gerry Davis and Dr. Kit Pedler, a real life scientist who invented those TV space horrors the Cybermen.

Now the scientific inventiveness that went into creating havoc for Dr. Who is about to be launched on the problems of our own poisoned planet.

Heading the Doomwatch unit is a Nobel Prize winning scientist played by actor John Paul and among his assistants is dolly girl Wendy Hall who is guaranteed to brighten up any environment.

Article from THE DAILY EXPRESS 30th of January 1970

With thanks to Michael Seely

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