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R.I.P Elisabeth Sladen

Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Collins??
This has been a sad month for Doomwatch fans. Yesterday, Elisabeth Sladen (Say Knife, Fat Man) has died aged 63 from Cancer. Elisabeth played the part of Sarah Collins in this story, a familier forename which she would find herself playing again a year later... 
Trevor Bannister (Public Enemy) and Nicholas Selby (Sex and Violence) are no longer with us this month either. It's such a shame that Say Knife, Fat Man (1972) is still listed as a missing episode from the final season of Doomwatch, and it's highly unlikely to ever be found. The photograph to the left is one from the Radio Times listing. It may be Sarah Collins but the photo is not good enough to be sure. Elisabeth Sladen would go on to star as journalist Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who as one of the greatest companions to the Doctor and had recently been starring in the excellent children's series The Sarah Jane Adventures reprising her role of Sarah Jane Smith which improved in quality every year over four series. A very sad loss for children too who were captivated by her adventures on earth.

Trevor Bannister - 1934 - 2011
Nicholas Selby - 1925 - 2011
'I did one Z Cars and then i did a Doomwatch - it was Anthony Andrews first TV appearance and it was about plutonium. I swear I only got the job because I took The Guardian into the audition under my arm, and the director was reading The Guardian. Can you imagine casting me as a girl terrorist? I was so naff then! And I had to say I could drive. I'd only just passed my test and what they got was this great big van! Driving for television isn't like driving in real life. The sound man is fighting the cameraman for room, he has a sound stick up between your legs, you wonder which one is the gear lever and you hope you're not touching something of his! And they say, 'We want you to drive fast!' They had to do so many takes!'
Elisabeth Sladen - 1948-2011

There are more tributes here: The Memory of a Doctor Who Legend: A Tear, Sarah Jane?

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  1. She was a really nice person and a good actress i had the pleasure of metting her when i worked in a small television shop in richmond and demonstrated a video recorder for her
    she will be sadly missed