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The man who invented the Cybermen robots in the 'Dr. Who' tv series is working on building an artificial 'eye' which will enable computers to see.

He is Dr, Kit Pedler who is working on the project at the University at Manitoba in Canada.

His aim is to perfect a completely artificial retina.

In humans, the retina is the sensitive area at the back of the eye that picks up signals from the lens and passes them to the brain.

He told the meeting: 'Recent research has shown that much of the work of perception that was believed to be done by the brain is really done by the retina.'

The artificial retina he is building is only one and one eighth of an inch across and is much simpler than a human retina.

It is being programmed to recognise thirty shapes.

Dr. Pedler said: 'There is no way of knowing where this sort of research could lead. But its obvious application is to give computers the ability to read, print or even handwriting.'

Original article from The Daily Mirror 9th September 1969

NB: Above this article was one called 'Don't hush up transplant ops... This was a warning from the chief feature writer of the Liverpool Daily Post at a Science and Press conference. Mr Farey said that there were nagging doubts in the minds of a vast section of the public about the issues involved. Only when there was no secrecy could there be no suspicion...' And in Friday's Child, Quist relied on the press to discover who the heart donor was and their failure makes his suspicions form...

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