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THE DAILY MAIL 23rd December 1971

MP urges environment 'Doomwatch'

A WORLD "doomwatch" agency to keep an eye on the environment was suggested in the Commons yesterday.
Mr Laurance Reed, Tory MP for Bolton East, called on the Government to press for such a centre, located in Britain, at the international conference on pollution problems, which is to be held next year in Sweden.
He said that a "global observation network" should be set up and information from all countries fed into the centre.

From the official UK Government archives...  
Mr. Laurance Reed, who is a man of great skill in these matters, asked the Government whether they would work towards a "Doom-watch" agency. This would be a global agency watching over the state of the environment, monitoring it and surveying it to see whether anybody was breaking any of the "ten commandments" which might be set up. Mr. Griffiths, in reply, poured cold water on that—not scorn, but cold water—and said that he did not think that any such thing was a good idea at all.

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