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THE DAILY MIRROR 16th February 1970

Mary Holland

Katie, the girl who spent 11 years giving meals man-appeal on television, tonight leaves the cosy domestic scene of the Oxo commercials for a straight dramatic role ion the new 'Doomwatch' series (BBC-1, 9.40).

Her real name is Mary Holland, actress and her familiar face turns up in the episode 'Friday's Child.'

She plays the wife of a surgeon who is accused of killing a child so that his own can have a heart transplant operation.

This is Mary's first straight acting role for nearly eight years.

She explained, 'I decided to call a halt to my career after I had two children.

'Acting is such a demanding profession that I don't think I could give enough time to the children if I did it full time.'


'But I carried on with the commercials because they only take two weeks to film every year.

'Now the children are older I am hoping to do more television.'

Mary was asked to do the part in 'Doomwatch' by her husband, Paul Ciappessoni, who is directing the programme.

Mary said, 'He felt that the part was right for me, so I decided to give it a try.

He can hardly be accused of favouritism though.

'It is the first time he has offered me a role in the seventeen years we have been married.

'The funny thing about the part is that the woman I am playing is much more like the real me than Kate.'

After eleven years of life with Katie, how does Mary think the public will accept her in a dramatic role?


'It is really difficult to say, but I wouldn't be surprised if many people didn't recognise me.

'It is not that I look different but just the two women have so little in common.'

Now that she has has broken the ice, Mary hopes to do other acting jobs when she can fit them in with her family life.

Looking after a husband and four children – the youngest is twenty one months – is going to take up much of her time.

There is one part that she would really like to play – Jane Eyre.

And the role she doesn't want?

A housewife who is a super cook and depressingly cheerful all the time.

With thanks to Michael Seely

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