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DAILY MIRROR - Thursday July 2nd 1970

What is worrying YOU?

THE world around us is full of worries. . . . That is what you have been telling the Mirror Doomwatch Team since this important venture was launched ten days ago. The team's object is to probe and crusade against the dangers that threaten us, Everyone knows that technology and progress are necessary—but what are the scientists doing to YOUR lives? Mirror readers have been writing to the Doomwatch Team, putting: the questions that worry them most of all.
Questions like:

What have They done to bread?
What are crop pesticides doing to our insides?

The Doomwatch Team is hearing about grimy cities and towns where the air isn't fit to breathe. Of countryside beauty spots where the birds no longer sing.

Several readers asked if there is a danger of radiation through sitting too near a colour TV set.


The answer is that the radiation emitted is strictly measured and controlled, and the figure is well below the health hazard mark. In fact, the dial of a luminous watch emits more radiation than a TV set.

The Mirror Doomwatch Team was set up with the real-life purpose of the highly successful, fictional BBC-TV series—to keep an eye on the reckless advance of science.
Chief scientific adviser is Dr. Kit Pedler, co-creator of the TV series. He is a distinguished doctor and runs a research team at London University.
Working with him are Mirror Science Editor Ronald Bedford and Mirror writer Michael Hellicar.
They are waiting to hear from YOU about the things that worry you. No problem will be too big or too trivial for the Doomwatch Team.

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