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THE DAILY MIRROR Tuesday June 20th 1972

Mary Malone in The Daily Mirror reviews Season 3's Say Knife, Fat Man...

Doomwatch death threat

THEY SAID it, not me. A secretary in DOOMWATCH (BBC-1) made this somewhat prophetic remark which I could have told her after last week's episode, never mind this one.
"We are going to get every pseudo scientlflc problem that other departments cannot find time for."
How right you are, dear. If I were you I'd hand in your notice this minute.
Because I warn you something nasty and probably far-fetched is going to creep up and grab you by the ankles.
Doomwatch had some authority and bite when it started. It tackled the growing pains of what has become a modern monster — the mess we are making of our world and the nasty, scientific developments that the back room boys are playing about with and we want nothing of.
Alas,. those promising, if straightforward, scenes are no more.
The writers have gone in for the tall story market and each succeeding episode seems to be trying to cap its predecessor.
Last night our earnest, well - meaning investigators were lumbered with a horde of reckless students seizing enough Plutonium to build themselves an atom bomb, would you believe. Not to mention a gaggle of gangsters muscling in for their own nefarious ends.


What on earth had all this to do with reality ?
Dr. Quist was asking a similar question: "Do the police think organised crime is moving into the nuclear field?"
Let me tell you, doctor. It is if those writers can get away with it.
They have tapped and exhausted one natural source of material, now they are onto another. It will be nuclear cops and robbers until we are sick of that, too.
From there what's left but social work or science fiction. It is not a Dr. Quist they are going to need, but another Dr. Who.

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