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THE GUARDIAN 17th February 1970

...Against all my expectations Thames's 'Mystery and Imagination' series is turning out better than the opposition 'Doomwatch'. Even against my wishes, as 'Mystery and imagination' is merely re-creating old classics while 'Doomwatch' is trying something slightly new, to mind-read the future. And television critics are notoriously a pushover for novelty...

...I was mildly distracted in 'Doomwatch' (BBC-1) by the fact that the mother looked so like Katie, that mother goddess of the 'Oxo' commercials. Mary Holland, not only looks like Katie, she is Katie. She worried as beautifully as ever though there was always for me the subconscious suspicion that her mind was really on tomorrow's mince and if Philip will ever earn enough for them to move into the 'Bovril' bracket. She may do a 'Big Fry' and shake the dust of commercials from her shoes, but if not, not to worry. It is not a small thing to do a commercial perfectly. They are the nursery rhymes of our time. Mini-immortals living as long as the children who memorise them. 

Original article by Nancy Banks Smith
With thanks to Michael Seely 

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