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The Guardian 28th February 1971 - Actor John Paul

Dad's racket

RACKETS experts agreed that John Paul played an excellent game in the past-and-present Army championships at Queen's Club. Since Mr Paul is only weeks off his fiftieth birthday and is one of those dissolute ‘Doomwatch' actors. I asked him to account for such activity, the news of which sent decent middle-aged sports writers staggering hastily to an early lunch hour. Rackets, he explained. is an easier game than squash. Not so much bending and twisting. More a game of strokes, hitting into the flight of the ball, like a batsman into a cover drive. He plays every week at Harrow, where he has two boys at the school for which he played before the war, and intends to play for years yet.

Original article from World of Sport by David Hunn.
With thanks to Michael Seely

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