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THE GUARDIAN - Letters page 9th June 1972

Doomwatch trap

Sir. — Have we all fallen into the trap of enjoying “ Doomwatch"? Another piece or entertainment? More escapism? This programme is in danger of dismissal as " clever science fiction." and its subject is cursed by being the latest trend. Must we endure the eternal tongue-in-cheek, the tool of soporific laisser-faire. whenever the subject is raised?
Conservation is not a laughing matter, it is deadly serious. It is not a hobby. it is a way of life. It is not a middle-class parlour game, a means of self-justification for the already self-righteous, to be discussed after dinner and discarded afterwards with a satisfied sigh of “There, I'm interested, I've done my bit.” It must not be tacitly assumed that the working-class "don't know about these things." The debate must spread from the letter page of the Guardian to every national and local paper. to every television network; it must constantly be in our thoughts until something is actually done to save the world.
Stand up, be counted, but do not on any pretext sit down again. — Yours very sincerely.

Edmund Wilson
Chorley, Lancashire

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