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Robert Powell - THE GUARDIAN 3rd February 1971

Doomwatch to the Dane

LEEDS PLAYHOUSE has another recruit from television. Robert Powell, who begins rehearsing Hamlct there this week, played Toby Wren in "Doomwatch," and scorcd over 300 protests when thc character was killed off. A Mancunian and a graduate of the city's grammar school and university, he was educated at the Victoria Theatre. Stoke-on-Trent, and the Bolton Octagon, where he played the name part in the first performance of Ken Campbell's "Jack Sheppard."
He's also worked in films like "The Italian Job." and Wednesday Plays.
and returns to the small screen on Saturday in BBC-2s new classic series based on Hardy's “Jude the Obscure." Playing Jude.
The Playhouse's other escapist from type-casting, Bill Simpson (formerly Dr Finlay, but Alfie from tonight) will play Polonius.

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