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Over the weekend of March 27th to 30th 1970, Kit Pedler was invited to SCICON 70 at the Royal Hotel in London, an annual EasterCon science fiction convention held in different places in the UK. He gave his talk on the need for a scientific ombudsman, sharing the event with lectures on Scientology, (which apparently had ben banned for a couple of years in this country), Spaceship Earth and a talk on 'A Map of Inner Space.... a scientific theory of mysticism.' By the account of Rob Hansen in his history of fandom, "Then", this event was unusual for its lack of hard science fiction coverage even though Arthur C. Clarke was one of the attendees but was not asked to participate. The hotel in particular was very run down and was soon to be demolished. But this is a very early example of Kit Pedler warming to his thesis of the need for a real life Doomwatch.

With thanks to Michael Seely

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