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Today's I've got a Quistion comes from Michael Seely
Where is the house that was seen in the Season 2 episode Invasion?

 The Answer: Scale House, near Rylstone, North Yorkshire

The house used in Invasion is called Scale House which is on the Skipton to Grassington Road just before you reach Threshfield. The resident, Mark Cooper writes: 'The exterior of the house is somewhat dour and imposing with 3 towers surrounded by woodland on the road from Skipton to Grassington. Although the outbuildings and servants' wing were re-developed as separate residences in the last 10 years, the main part of the house still retains its original features and layout and is likely to be immediately recognisable if it was indeed used in Doomwatch.' Indeed, the locals still refer to it as the 'Doomwatch house!' Another local, Paddy Dorrington remembered: 'The house is quite eerie and in trees but I remember seeing the floodlights there when they were filming.'

Many thanks to the readers of The Craven Herald for their help in tracking down this location!

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