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BBC Written Archives Centre
A representatve from paid a visit to the BBC's Written Archives Centre up or down (depending where you are) at Caversham near Reading recently.
The staff were simply superb and the files seen will be providing this site with more than enough to chew on over the next couple of months. 

If you want to know about the mystery of Graham in Train and De-Train, those stories which fell through for the first series, which story had the working title of The Land of the Lotus Eaters, why Gerry Davis sent a writer a nappy, who thought Public Enemy was the best and the worst Doomwatch of that series, which story received help from the Maplin Development Corporation for its co-operation, just how unpleasant the break up of the original production team became, what Kit Pedler was doing on Woman's Hour, why one viewer thought background music was corny in Fire And Brimstone, who wrote Diplomatic Incident for Series 2, who nearly wrote The Battery People and The Iron Doctor, and find out what really happened in High Mountain then you might be pleasantly surprised.  

Unless you've seen the files already...

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