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Doomwatch Fanzine Cover Issue 3
DOOMWATCH Fanzine Issue 3 front cover
Yes, it's back! After months of hard work I am proud to present to you the BIGGEST EVER issue (28 pages) of the DOOMWATCH Fanzine featuring a complete 12 page analysis of the first ever episode The Plastic Eaters written by Michael Seely.

There are also classic Newspaper headlines and reviews, as well as the original story outline, Doomwatch HQ location and characters backgrounds that Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis formulated for the series whilst at lunch in a Victorian fish and chip shop in Kensington! You may be surprised to learn that it might not have been Plastic that was being eaten in the first episode...

Michael also takes a look at DOOMWATCH investigations in the Daily Mirror from the 1970s and a look at environmentalism in Real-life DOOMWATCH.

All this plus an analysis of Mutant 59: The Plastic Eater book that was re-written without any of the TV series characters by Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis. Oh, and is that Disney knocking on the door?...
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The DOOMWATCH fanzine is a non-profit making publication. Any remaining funds will be donated to charity. DOOMWATCH is ©BBC and no infringement is intended. This issue is designed and produced by Scott Burditt.

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