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Thanks to Michael Seely. New information has been uncovered for the following episodes in a new section called CHOICE CUTS where you can discover parts of the stories that were left on the cutting room floor...


"As noted in the analysis for The Inquest, there is indeed a cut to the end of a scene. Coming just before Quist and Hardcastle investigate some disused farm buildings for the rabid dogs, the Coroner was trying to establish a timeline for the girl's contraction of rabies. He ended with the line 'And that was the date that this little girl entered hospital...' Over a shot of the crowd, he continues, 'What is the minimum incubation period for rabies, Mr. McAllister?' Standing, McAllister says 'I understand it can happen very quickly, Sir. It depends where the virus enters the bloodstream. If it enters through the neck or face the onset of symptoms would be much quicker, for instance, than if the bite was on the ankle.' 
' Well, if one sets a minimum period of forty eight hours, that takes us back to the twelfth when the animal was still running wild in the countryside. Marion could have had contact with it then... So it might well have been wandering for some time.' In the studio, a recording break followed allowing for cameras to move over to the ruined set."

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