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Uncovering background information on DOOMWATCH is no easy task. If you were involved in the production of the series in any capacity or know of someone who was or still have anything related to the series in the way of stories, photos or Newspaper clippings please get in touch with this site using this email

Below is a list of people/items that does not have any information for, except that either listed on Wikipedia or If you have access to any Newspapers and Magazines featuring either the broadcast times/articles/letters dated from 1970 to 1972, please get in touch.

THE RADIO TIMES I am on the lookout for all issues of "The Radio Times" between 1970 and 1972 that feature replies on the Letters pages. Doomwatch featured on the front cover three times during it's run, each to promote the start of the season. We, have a good quality copy of the First issue that features Doomwatch on the cover dated 5th February 1970. The Second issue cover dated 12-18th December 1970 was emailed to me as a high resolution scan. The Third issue dated 3 - 9th June 1972 was also emailed to me by a fan - the cover that I have appears in colour but I only have poor quality scans in Black and White of the actual article inside, so a nice colour scan of those pages would be fantastic.

TV TIMES We are looking for issues of the UK Magazine - TV Times with an article featuring Kit Pedler about his last TV series Mind Over Matter, which he appeared on in 1981 - 12 May - 23 Jun 1981 ITV.

The Plastic Eaters (9 February 1970) featured an airplane dissolving in mid-air when its plastic components are eaten by a mystery virus. Five months later News of the World (5 JuIy1970) reports on scientists launching a research programme looking at self-destructive plastics that crumble into powder which would then be eaten by bacteria.

The Red Sky (6 April 1970) showed the damage caused by a high-flying rocket plane. Five months later, on 3 September 1970, the Daily Express reports “Concorde shock waves a danger to health”, as the supersonic plane's test flights split rooftiles, crack windows and disturb animals.

Any scans from the Daily Mirror from 1970 to 1972 that feature Doomwatch.

Any scans from from 1970 to 1972 that feature Doomwatch.

CinemaTV Today  
Issue No.9972 (18 March 1972) p.25 Tigon review
Monthly Film Bulletin  
Vol.39 no.459 (April 1972) p.70 credits, synopsis, review
Today's Cinema  
Issue No.9953 (2 November 1971) p.8 credits

English Gothic  
by Jonathan Rigby p.186

Hoffman's Guide to SF, Horror and Fantasy Movies 
1991 - 1992 pp.108-109 credits, review

Reference Guide to Fantastic Films 
by Walt Lee p.111 credits


WOLF RILLA. This screenwriter provided an unused DOOMWATCH story that on the 11th October 1971 was being referred to as "I Never Promised You A Rosegarden" dues for submission to the production team by 30th September 1971. There are no known copies of this script or any contact details for the estate of Mr Rilla that we can find. At the time Mr Rilla was on the books for a company called TALENT MANAGEMENT LIMITED, 170 Piccadilly, London W18 9AD ?? . His agent was Jon Thurley and Pamela Berstead communicated with the BBC at the time.

JAN READ, A complete unused storyline from the writer with scene breakdown for the rejected script exists at Caversham but there are no other details on the writer that can be found. 


Hopefully, this information will be useful for anyone considering a visit either to help us out or for their own research for other BBCtv shows.
There were no files for actress Jean Trend or John Nolan and information on Elizabeth Weaver's was hard to locate. Writer John Gould's 1970s file does not exist but all of his 1960s work is present. Writer Ian Curteis's file was not here but at the BBC, and there is nothing for Writer Patrick Alexander.   


Plays and players , Issue 18 

On page 64 appears to be a damning review - or at least a few lines from, a review of The Web of Fear episode. 

Raymond Williams on television 

This one is about The Red Sky.  The book is a bit pricey on Amazon but might be available elsewhere, and type in Quist in the search bit and you see a bit more of the review, and there are a few other Doomwatch references in the book. 

The Magazine of fantasy and science fiction, Volume 49, Issues 1-3 

This one reveals a hithertoo unheard of short story by Pedler called Long Term Residents.  Also, there are more short stories listed at

The terrorists: their weapons, leaders and tactics 

Here's a book that quotes from the Daily Express article mentioned in the piece on Kit Pedler and his stance on nuclear power.

The New review, Volume 2, Issues 13-24 

This seems to be about a tv documentary Kit Pedler hosted.

More info on the Earthlife project.

This talks about Pedler's involvement in the anti-vivisection movement via the RSPCA who dragged their heels upon the subject. 

The following information that you may read elsewhere is now proven incorrect.

"The Black Room" was a working title for "Hear No Evil". No it wasn't. This was from an episode of Paul Temple.

"The Devil's Demolition" was the name of the last unproduced Doomwatch story. This is incorrect. It is "I never Promised You A Rosegarden"

With thanks to Michael Seely and Scott Burditt

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