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Today's I have a Quistion! is from Tony Darbyshire...
The Human Time Bomb
 "Purely going off the evidence of what the BBC didn't decide to sling out, season two's The Human Time Bomb is the only episode in which we see the fourth wall of Dr Quist's office, discovering it's where he keeps his bin and frankly cheap-looking radio. It also showcases a framed artistic depiction of what can only be described as a fat horse (you can see it quite clearly ten minutes in). As the good doctor never displays any equine interest beyond hiring Barbara Mason, do we know the artist/title? Would it gain us a glimpse into Spencer's mindset - given that his taste in interior design normally leans more toward terrifying images of wartime atrocity than chunky nags - or at least what the early '70s BBC Props department had to hand?"

Well, in response to Tony's Quistion... Here is the very said painting!!! It is from a Paleolithic cave located in France (Niaux in Ariege) As for significance? Who knows? Maybe it's to lift Quit's mood? One wall for images of guilt and one wall for artistic pleasure? If anyone can shed any further light on the subject, please let us know!

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