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When DOOMWATCH first went on air in Britain a few years ago, the terms "technological hazard" and environmental pollution" were little known. It can justly be claimed that the series, now showing on JBC Television, Tuesdays at 8.15p.m., has helped to draw attention to the ecological hazards that threaten the human race.
DOOMWATCH is entertaining and informative. The stories are very human. The team is headed by Dr. Quist, played by John Paul. Simon Oates is Dr. John Ridge and Joby Blanshard plays Dr. Colin Bradley. Barnara Mason, secretary to the Doomwatch team, is played by Vivien Sherrard, who has appeared on television in the "Armchair Theatre" series. John Barron, whose television work includes three series of "Softly Softly", "All Gas and Gaiters", Department S and "The Saint" makes appearances from time to time as the Government Minister responsible for Doomwatch.

The above news clipping is from the Jamaican 'Gleaner', (16th June 1974 page 53). The article mentions Vivien Sherrard & John Barron but nothing of Robert Powell which would seem to suggest that Season 2 and possibly Season 3 episodes aired as part of the Jamaican run.
With thanks to Alan Barnes

SHERLOCK HOLMES ON SCREEN -- Third Edition - is published on 21 October 2011
Now with a Foreword by Steven Moffat, co-creator of the BBC's 'Sherlock'

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