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The 70s : Doomwatch 9pm Monday 23rd April 2012

Screencap from the first programme "Get it on 70-72"
Tomorrow night (Monday 23rd April 2012) on BBC2, the documentary series The 70s is subtitled "Doomwatch: 73-74" The host Dominic Sandbrook, examines the wedding of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips and the economic impact of war in the Middle East, and growing public awareness of global environmental issues, inflation and a sexual revolution between the years 1973 and 1974. There is no guarantee that clips from Doomwatch will be shown in the programme but if it is we will feature the obligitory screencraps from the episode which will be uploaded here shortly after transmission. There is a brief clip on the website of the programme which features the oil crisis. Some don't change much do they?
With thanks to Tony Darbyshire 

Screencap from the second programme "Doomwatch 73-74"

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