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Below is an interesting little article in the FELIX (Imperial College Union) Dated 21st October 1971 -  Issue 303. One can only wonder how the meeting went...

New I .C. Society
The British Society for Social Responsibility in Science was formed two years ago by scientists who were dissatisfied with some of the things science and technology are doing to the world we live in, and who wanted to do something about it. Since then, many good things have happened.
There have been conferences, meetings and campaigns to get "establishment" organisations like the British Association for the Advancement of Science to take social consequences more seriously.
Partly because of the Society's formation, people are now talking far more realistically about the effects of technology on our environment.
Now there is to be an "Imperial College Society for Social Responsibility in Science", an autonomous branch of the national society. There will be a lively series of meetings with guest speakers such as Kit Pedler, writer of 'Doomwatch' Prof. Colin Cherry and Jerry Ravetz. The first meeting will be on October 26th at 7.00 p.m. in Mech. Eng. 342. Also this term there will be a series of special discussions under the general title of 'Science and Technology in the 3rd World', starting October 19th in Physics S.C.R. at 6.00 p.m. Everyone is very welcome to all these meetings.

Original article by Peter Elphick.

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