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A Parcel from DOOMWATCH!
I'm excited that finally, as from today, a handful of the long lost DOOMWATCH episodes (six in total) now have their original scripts available to the public instead of just sitting around on a few ropey old spools of microfilm that could only be viewed at Caversham. A few of the original pages may have perished for good but they have all been lovingly retyped and edited by Michael Seely and the wonderful chaps of Miwk Publishing have produced a superb book that demands a place on your bookshelf! Every script is a joy to read and after finishing each one you will bemoan the fact that the BBC decided to wipe them in the first place. If you'd like to order a copy of this wonderful book by clicking the link above, you will be supporting the charity East Anglian Air Ambulance.
A curious white powder inside the packaging...
However, I must complain that my copy has been intercepted by a mad scientist and laced with Anthrax. Silly me, thought it was a sample of the original washing powder produced by the Drummond Group and smelt it. I was quickly overcome with a Fever and needed medical attention. Luckily, I realised that Dr Ridge has obviously been welding again and gone crazy (you'd think he'd learnt from the first time), so I went straight down A&E and now after treatment I'm going to be OK now. I believe that no other copies have been affected in this manner and a warrant for Dr. Ridge's arrest has once again been issued.
Mr Burditt

A warning to Mr Burditt

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