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On August 16th Acorn DVD's Facebook page posed the following question:-

"We want to know which British TV Drama Series you'd like to see made available on DVD. We've picked some below but feel free to add your own!"

As of 25th August, DOOMWATCH tops the list with 117 votes, with the equally much wanted release of OUT OF THE UNKNOWN. While this in itself is no guarantee of a release, it shows strong support for the series and surely will lead to licencing questions being asked. We can all but hope..... So, show your support and... if we are really lucky, who knows, we may even get a release!

UPDATE: 22nd November. Despite topping the list with 167 votes so far, DOOMWATCH is is still not going to be released. Apparently, the poll was to find out what shows people would like to see on DVD and it is still open to anyone to add any shows they'd like most like on DVD.  As Acorn DVD didn't create the list this has created a bit of false hope for DOOMWATCH fans. However, all is not lost as the shows that have received the most votes so far have been passed onto their acquisitions department and are all considered for potential release. This means that the Poll is no more than a most wanted listed (Out of the Unknown, is also very popular) and unfortunately DOOMWATCH will not be forthcoming.... but... we are not giving up hope that one day it will appear.

The Poll can be found on Acord DVD's Facebook Page

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  1. Must say this is an excellent poll and theres much I agree with, I would add Anne of green gables"1972 with Kim Braden" to the list but most of all bbc`s Voyage of the Beagle from 1978, a rarely seen masterpiece.